Solar Killer  

Solar killer

Model: SK-1

Solar killer SK-1 is New design and high effect solar killer system.
It is use UV LED attract pest and crash the transparent board. Solar killer bottom is full water. The pest will enter into the water and die.




Solar pannel power: 13Watt / pc
Solar pannel quantity: 2 pcs
Solar pannel total: 26watt
Battery: Li-ion 8800 MAH / 11.1V
LED: UV LED 365nm
LED quanitty: 18 pcs LED
LED power: 8Watt
Fan: 8 inch
Motor: Brushless motor
Motor power: 8 Watt
Work time: 8 hours
DC input voltage: DC12V
Solar pannel size: 34cm x 32 cm
length X width X height : 65cm X 52cm X 125cm
Bottom bucket volume: 80 L
Weight: 11 kgs
Water volume: 60L

  How to work
Work time: From (Apro.) 19:00pm to 5:00pm
SK-1 automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
26Watt Solar Pannel
8Watt UV LED Lure Pest
8inch Such fan (Brushless motor)
Big size funnel
4 pcs transparent Board
90L bucket

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