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  How to work



Solar killer Model: SK-1

Solar killer SK-1 is New design and high effect solar killer system.
It is use UV LED attract pest and crash the transparent board. Solar killer bottom is full water. The pest will enter into the water and die.



(1) Big size 65cm X 52cm X 125cm

SK-1 solar killer is big size, only put on groud. It is higher than plant.
Big size have good effect, too.






(2) Four transparent PC material board.

It is use PC material board. It is uvioresistant transparent board.

When pest fly to the UV Light. pest will attract on the transparent board, fall to the funnel and fall into water.

  (3) UV LED lure.
It is use high effect UV LED, it is special lure all kind of insect.
It is already can lure all kind of Flying insects.
  (4) Huge suction fan
It is use 8inch suchtion fan. The speed is 3000rm.
It can suck big and small insect.


(5) Replace battery.
It is used 8800mah 11.1V Li-ion rechargeable battery.
Rechargeable time: 1000 times.
12 pieces 18650 battery packing.

  (6) Outfall and air outlet hole.
A. It can outfall. When the water is full, it will outfall from hole.
B. When the fan is work, the bottom must release air, it can suck the insect into water.
(7) 90L bucket
A. Full water bucket can drown insect.
B. The bottom bucket can Injected 60L water, It can fix the system.

(8)Automatic control system
Photocell-Activates unit at dusk and powers off at dawn.

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