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Soda bottle pour  
Soda bottle pour




Soda bottle pourer

Soda bottle pourer fit virtually any soda or water bottle with a screw-on cap.

Use the Garden style to create an instant watering can.
Use the Kitchen style to make those big two-liter soda bottles easy to handle and better looking, too Pouring water or other beverages from bottles is easy.Elegantly simple, surprisingly useful, colorful and well designed!

Garden pourer : 13 inches long.
Kitchen pourer : 10 inches long.

-Made of durable plastic
-Ergonomic and easy to use
-Inner tube design
-Stylish and functional
-Fits most soda and water bottles
-Re-useable and dishwasher safe



  The soda bottle pourer is perfect for kids, too! With its comfortable handle and ergonomic design, the pourer lets your kids participate in the fun and responsibility of taking care of their own garden.
And you'll feel good about yourself, too, knowing that you are recycling old plastic soda bottles to re-use them as pretty watering cans! And don't forget,?
this soda bottle pourer can also be used to serve drinks as a bright and bold way to spice up your party without causing spills.?
Available in assorted popular colors.?


Garden pourer
Packing Size: 13.5CM X 33.5CM
Packing material: PVC

Kitchen pourer
Packing Size: 13.5CM X 41.5CM
Packing material: PVC


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