Mouse catcher  
Mouse catcher




Mouse catcher

Place bait into your empty plastic bottle (12 oz, 16 oz, 1 and 2 liter bottles will work). Then attach bottle to Mouse catcher plastic cheese wedge. Mice enter bottle through the device,
but can't get back out until you rotate the trap upside down.
Humanely catch and relocate mice from your home to the outdoors or conveniently dispose of caught mice with touch
free ease and convenience.

The mouse catcher is an eco-friendly, clean & convenient, humane mouse trap that is safer for use around children and pets. There's no trap or snap, no pet's paws or little one's fingers getting caught, and no sticky glue or poison.

Soda Bottle Not Included

Great for removing rodents in hard to reach areas like attics, basements and crawl spaces, the Mouse catcher catches multiple mice without the need for resetting or rebaiting after each catch.

How it work
  Recycle and reuse an empty plastic water or soda bottle, bait the bottle with peanuts or peanut butter and attach the bottle to the trap¨s cheese wedge shaped entrance.
Mice enter the cheese shaped entrance and are humanely caught unharmed inside the bottle. Once caught the mouse feels very comfortable and safe inside the bottle, becomes relaxed and nibbles on bait and often falls asleep.
Relocation of the bottled mouse from your home to the outdoors is touch free and convenient. Rodents trapped using the Mouse catcher can be humanely released by rotating the trap upside down and placing outdoors.
  The Mouse catcher has a stable and non-tip design, caught mice are not able to tilt or tip over the trap. The trap also allows adequate air supply for caught mice to survive, check your mouse catcher routinely to release or dispose of caught mice
in a humane and timely manner.
Safe, humane way to catch and release mice - no sticky pads, poisons or dangerous traps
Eco-friendly - use with an empty plastic beverage bottle
Works with any 12 oz, 16 oz, 1 liter, or 2 liter water or soda bottle
Catches multiple mice without re-setting
Add peanut butter as bait (not included)
Made of ABS plastic
Yellow cheese wedge shaped
Small opening on the front allows mouse to enter
Threaded opening on back for attaching to a plastic beverage bottle
Spring and plastic ball inside trap keeps mouse from escaping
Convenient and touch-free disposal.
Measures approx 2? ̄ X 5 ̄ X 3 ̄ H
Net weight 2 oz.

Packaging blister packing or color box

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