Zhongshan skone electric appliance co.,ltd have two mold factory, One is mold service. It is for customer produce high quality plastic mold.

The second mold is service for myself. The mold factory is specializes in consumer electronics, home appliances, medical equipment and other products of plastic mold manufacturing and injection molding, specializing in the production of fruit-driven series of cosmetics packaging.

The second mold factory employs 200 people, including product design engineer, mold design engineers, technicians 50 people, mainly by the general manager's office, engineering department, quality department, marketing department, molding department, injection department, printing department, cosmetic packaging and other departments composition.

The company has advanced product and mold design, analysis, processing software; processing center, EDM, EDM, injection molding machines, printing machines, printing machines, drying production line, assembly line and other specialized equipment, more than 50 units.

Company to achieve a product design, product development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, surface treatment, assembly-line product assembly. The full implementation of 6S-site management, ISO9001 quality management system to ensure stable product quality, reliability and excellence.

The company's aim is: honesty, quality service, high efficiency, excellent quality.

First mold factory address: (Provide customer service)
Tongmao industrial zone, Dongshen, Zhongshan city, Guangdong.

Second mold factory address: (Not provide customer serivce)
Dongfang industrial zone, Zhongshan city, Guangdong


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