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J-2 yellow jacket trap

It converts any size soda bottle into a wasp, yellow jacket or hornet trap.
No chemicals, no clean-up. And there's no need to handle dead pests - just dispose of the bottle and re-use the trap. Perfect for picnics, patios,
campsites - anywhere those unwanted "guests" are buzzing around.

Highly Effective
No Pesticides and Poisons
Attractant Recipe Provided
Place or hang where needed

Inserting J-2 yellow jacket trap in 2-liter soda bottle:

1.Add attractant to bottle. Replace cap.

2.Cut 2 ̄ long crosshair opening for trap above fluid line.

3.Insert yellow jacket trap into cut. Work trap side to side to tighten trap against soda bottle.

4.For best results ventilate the attractant by doing one of the following: add a second yellow jacket trap
on the opposite side of bottle or poke small holes on top of bottle.

5. The success of this trap depends on ventilating the attractant.



  Placement of traps:

1. Place or hang trap within 20 feet of nest.

2. Trap works best in morning sun and afternoon shade in areas with hot temperatures.

3. Place trap in problem area where there is air movement but not strong wind.

4. If you do not catch many wasps or hornets, change your trap location, leaving the trap in new location for of lease two days.
Caution:?Due to the extreme effectiveness of the attractant, use caution when placing and maintaining traps. To reduce risk of stings, place and maintain traps in late evening or early morning when wasps are less active.?People allergic to wasp stings should allow others to place and maintain traps. wasp sting can be fatal.?
Notice:?Buyer assumes all risks associate cutting container, placing and maintaining traps.?

2 Cups of sweet fruit juice (apple of pineapple) and 3 tablespoons sugar.
Add one or two pieces of raw meat, fish or cat food.
Add one drop of mild dish soap.(optional)
Sweetened water and a glass of sweetened vinegar.
water or white wine and a glass of mint cordial.
sweetened water and beer in equal parts.


1. Replace 2-liter bottle and attractant every 2 to 3 weeks. More often in hot,dry weather.

2. Make sure all wasps are dead before emptying trap. If any are still alive, cover exit holes and place in the freezer for several hours. Then discard wasps.

3. The spike on front of the funnel is for holding small chunks of meat. (Fish, ham, etc.) Replace every 2-3days. This is on optional and supplemental attractant to the juice. Hang trap if using meat.

4. Experiment with different colored bottles.

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