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110V/220V M3 Mosquito trap
DC12V M3 Mosquito trap DC12V UV LED M3 Mosquito trap
M3 Mosquito Trap

  AC 110/220V Mosquito Trap
  DC12V Mosquito Trap
  DC12V LED Mosquito Trap



Effectively reduce or eliminate biting insects indoors or outdoors.
The Model M3 Mosquito Trap without chemicals being added to the environment or the surrounding areas of usage. Protect your house from flying insects without the use of pesticides or noisy zappers.

Product Description
UV fluorescent bulbs produce warm light to attract insects to the M3 mosquito trap.
The TiO2 - titanium dioxide exclusive coated funnel produces CO2 which is irresistible to mosquitoes, luring the insects to the powerful yet whisper quiet vacuum fan. Insects are collected and trapped into the retaining cage, where the insects expire naturally.

Unlike other mosquito control solutions, the M3 Mosquito Trap has no "popping" sound to disturb your outdoor enjoyment. Simply hang the M3 Mosquito Trap, and mosquitoes stay away.
Perfect to use in your backyards, barn, patio areas, gardens, porch and near swimming pools.

Safe for indoor and outdoor use
No expensive attractant refill or propane necessary
Lightweight and easy to install
Low maintenance
Whisper-quiet operation
Pesticide and odor free
Provides up to 1/2 acre coverage for pest control
Durable all-weather construction

  AC 110/220V Mosquito Trap DC12V Mosquito Trap DC12V LED Mosquito Trap
Voltage AC110V 60HZ, AC 220V 50HZ DC12V DC12V
Power 22Watt 14 Watt 12 Watt
Dimensions: 24cm * 24cm * 31cm 24cm * 24cm * 31cm 24cm * 24cm * 31cm
UV lamp 9W (G24 UV black lamp) 7Watt (G24 UV black lamp) 5Watt UV LED (365nm & 390nm)
Lamp lifetime 3000~5000 hours 3000~5000 hours >50000 hours
Power Cord 2.2 meter 2.2 meter 3 meter
Warranty One year One year One year

Inner carton Size: 25 cm25cm X 32.5cm
6 PCS per outer carton
Outer carton size: 77cm 52cm 34cm
Outer carton volume: 0.136cbm
Outer carton G.W.: 13.5kg
20 FT container quantity: 1188 pcs
40 FT container quantity: 2376pcs
40 FT HQ container quantity: 2988pcs



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