Zhongshan SKONE electric appliance Founded in 2001 from Beihai city, Guangxi. It is NO.1 design and produce mosquito trap in China.

SKONE moved factory from Beihai city, Guangxi to Zhongshan city at 2015, Guangdong. SKONE is special produce all kind of insect trap. Our company is main produce mosquito trap at begin. Now, developing many fileds. Include fly trap , mouse trap, solar insect trap, DC fan, solar lamp, Light lamp ect. Skone establish a furniture factory from 2016.
Skone is OEM for USA, ITALY, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, HOLLAND famous company. The products is sell to More than 20 countries all world.


Mosquito Trap

Solar Insect Trap

Fly Trap  - Wasp Trap - Tick Remover


Electric Appliance & Plastic Part

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